week 7

Litter or Save Lives?

Imagine being a helpless little creature, captured in a trap of plastic rings. This is what occurs when humans litter. Thousands of animals are injured or even killed due to trash in the ocean. It may not seem like much, but a single straw carelessly thrown in the sea can be very dangerous to sea life. No animals life should end due to a small piece of trash that could have easily been thrown away instead. So when at the beach or anywhere else, save a life and throw away trash.
There are many organizations to help save animals in need, but this issue cannot truly end until littering ends. An island in the ocean is made completely up of different trash. A whole island was created due to littering. So many lives could be saved and the world could be a healthier and safer place if humans would take the time to throw away trash. There are many organizations to help the animals, so I highly recommend helping out. Hopefully one day this tragic issue will no longer exist and all ocean life will be safe.
All in all, animals should be kept safe and trash should only belong in the trash. Many animals contribute to our environment and the food cycle, and killing them off is only negatively affecting our own lives. So in conclusion, please throw away trash and protect animals.

My School Lunches

My school has a large variety of lunch options. When the bell rings signalling the beginning of lunch time, I always watch the kids sprint to the lunch line to get first pick at their meal. Usually the school provides pizza or Chinese food from nearby restaurants, but there are also burgers and chicken sandwiches. Many kids purchase a water, sports drink, or cookie with their lunches. I’m very happy with our school lunches because they are delicious, cheap, and not too fattening.

Popular Food in America

One of the most popular foods in America is the cheeseburger. This common food is a patty of beef in between two bread buns. Most people enjoy a lot of toppings such as lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and onions. Personally, I think a cheeseburger is best with just cheese and ketchup. Many families have huge barbecues where burgers are grilled for a large group of people. On the Fourth of July there is always a distinct smell of burgers being cooked. There are countless famous burger restaurants such as In n Out, 5 Guys Burgers and Fries, and many more. A popular side of cheeseburgers are french fries. Most burgers come with a side of fried potato slices, another very common American food. Burgers are one of the most popular foods in America. The attached picture is from the sight Pixabay.burger

Commenting on foreign blogs

My first comment was on Matthew’s blog. He is from Australia. I commented “Hi Matthew, I am not from your country, so I am not familiar with some of the foods in this poll. What are spring polls and raps?” here is the link to his blog http://www.xpress360.net.au/gou20matthew/2015/11/03/whats-your-favourite-meal/comment-page-1/#comment-27

My second comment was on Yebin’s blog. He is from China. I commented “Hi Yebin! What is in Kimchi? Is is it a very popular food in your country? I have never heard of it before, and I am curious to find out about it.” here is the link to his bloghttps://kidblog.org/class/hd34yebin/posts/5a6u3bwr0e8vvy59i541cdbp6

My third comment was on Ecko’s blog. He is from China. I commented “Hello Ecko! I am not from your country so what do you put in your dumplings?” here is the link to his blog https://kidblog.org/class/hd34ecko/posts/95f7k4p8m8y156bi87sqi7vyf

My fourth comment was on Eun’s blog. He is from China. I commented “Hello Eun! I also like mangos. Which vegetables do you put in your rice porridge?” here is the link to his blog https://kidblog.org/class/hd34eun/posts/c0ppuwu2947eofp0mo3ukb3oo

My final comment was on Si Eun’s blog. She is from China. I commented “Hello Si Eun! How do you make these foods and what are in them? Are they popular foods in your country?” here is the link to her blog https://kidblog.org/class/hd34sieun/posts/4oq2e2eygf2q7laocr1i94jrx

Customizing My Blog!!

I added a jack-o-lantern header to my blog to make a Halloween theme! I found my photo on Pixabay and used it for my header and background. One of my favorite things about fall is to carve pumpkins and set them out on my front porch. Every year me and my dad will go out and buy the biggest pumpkins we can. Then we look up funny faces to carve on a pumpkin online. He helps me set up the face, but lets me do the carving all on my own. The final product is always so fun, especially with the candle inside. The picture I chose brings back great memories and that is why I used it for my background and header.

Spooky Halloween Story

frankOnce upon a time there was a young boy named Jake who lived in a haunted village. 364 days of the year it was like any other town, but every Halloween it would turn suspicious. The mayor, Mayor Franklin, banned everyone from trick-or-treating or any other Halloween activities. Families would be locked in their homes from sunset to sunrise. No one questioned it because they believed it was for their safety, but Jake knew better. For the whole year Jake had planned an escape route to get out on Halloween night. He built a secret doorway in his closet that led into the backyard. From there he would take his bike to figure out what was going on. His mother didn’t know and Jake did not plan to tell her. When Halloween came around, Jake escaped through his hidden door and headed to the town center. When he arrived there seemed to be nobody there, but he felt as if he was being watched. He turned around and there standing in front of him was Mayor Franklin, but it did not look like Mayor Franklin. He was green and huge with bolts and stitches all over. Suddenly it clicked, Mayor Franklin was Mayor Frankenstein! Jake stood there in shock as other ghosts and ghouls drifted behind Frankenstein. The monsters all at once rushed towards Jake! He hopped on his bike and sped home, through his door, and locked it tight. Never again would Jake dare to go out on Halloween night. The picture above was one of the original movie posters from 1931.

How I Spend Halloween

I have a lot of traditions, so I tend to do the same events every Halloween. First of all, every year I carve pumpkins with my dad. We enjoy carving funny faces on the biggest pumpkins we can find. Then at night I meet up with my friends to eat pizza before starting our candy hunt. Trick-or-treating is always so much fun, and it goes by so quickly. After we collect our candy, my friends and I have an annual candy trade, so I always walk away with my favorite types. Halloween is so much fun every year and I’m already counting down the days until next year.

Week Four Activity Four

For this activity, I used the tool Storybird. I created a book, using the story from my previous activity. The app allowed me to plan out my whole story with images from the website! The story is off a boy named Jake and his Halloween adventures. Here is the link to my story if you wish to read it https://storybird.com/books/99t5gtawet/edit/

Week 3 Activity 1

Over the summer my family and I went to the beautiful state of Hawaii for 7 days. The sights were breathtaking! The picture attached is one I took from when we all went adventuring on these rocks in the ocean. I had so much fun exploring the beautiful island with my family.IMG_2053